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Herbal Muscle Rub

Our muscle rub combines the cooling pain relief of menthol and a proprietary blend of known anti-inflammatory ingredients to target sore or injured areas of skin and muscle. Perfect for helping ease pain from exercise, injury, or stress.

The convenient roll-on format makes it easy to apply and improves the absorption rate of the formula to the target area.

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Made in the USA

Lab Tested

Doctor Formulated

Natural Ingredients

See what Herbal Ice Muscle Rub Can Do for You!


It Works Great! I have been dealing with foot pain for quite some time after I broke it – helps almost instantly.

Scott W.

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Love Herbal Ice

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31 reviews for Herbal Muscle Rub

  1. Josh rosenthal

    I applied it to my clients feet for a first try. She suffers from lots of foot pain because she has very small narrow feet with high arches. The muscles in the arches are almost always in contracture/hypertonic and regularly pull the metatarsals out of place. The bones have always seemed nearly immovable even when I get the muscles to release. Low and behold, last night 10 minutes after applying your potion the metatarsals adjusted appropriately and effortlessly in both feet with my final effleurage strokes. Nice work doc!!!

  2. Ben Palmer

    I started using this on my clients and now I sell it! Its an easy sell, the product sells itself!

  3. Taylor Perez

    Im so happy I was recommended this product, it really helps my neck and back pain. My mom used it on her arthritis and said it helped, too! Thank you!

  4. Shawn Odonnel

    Im pretty active and I’ve tried a lot of products. This is a great product with the 500mg of hemp and all the herbs, it really helps me recover quicker. It’s nice to know its made by an herbalist too!

  5. James Huntly

    I have plantar fasciitis and this helps stop the burning feeling I get when Im on my feet too long.

  6. Daniel Baughman

    I have arthritis in my back and knees and this really helps decrease my pain and makes me more mobile when Im stiff.

  7. Ron Haaas

    My wife and I love this product! The menthol is super strong!!

  8. Heather Catton

    I get bulging discs in my back that causes pain and makes my leg go numb. This really helps alleviate the pain and the menthol takes my mind off the pain. With Herbal Ice and stretching I can usually avoid the chiropractor.

  9. Jessica Burnnet

    I’ve tried a lot of products and I absolutely LOVE Herbal Ice!!!

  10. Ryan Butler

    I’m a patient of Dr. Burtons and this stuff is great! It really helps keep my chronic pain down between acupuncture treatments!

  11. Michael Romack

    I love the roll on applicator. I use it to dig in and massage the muscles. Its also one of the icy-ist menthol product I’ve tried.

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Herbal Ice Herbal Muscle Rub uses lab tested ingredients certified for potency and purity.

Our muscle rub has been infused with anti-inflammatory herbs, menthol, and more. 

We’ve added healing herbs like turmeric, angelica root, menthol, and camphor. Using ingredients like menthol give the gel a gentle cooling effect – which is perfect for providing instant relief to sore or inflamed areas of the body.

The formula also contains herbs like cinnamon and dandelion to stimulate blood flow and promote faster healing of the affected area.

All of this is combined with moisturizing and muscle-relaxing properties for an effective and fast-acting roll-on muscle rub.

Our Herbal Muscle Rub is Popular Among the Following People:

  • Runners
  • Surfers
  • Crossfit athletes
  • Weight lifters
  • Cyclists
  • Fighters
  • Swimmers
  • Trades workers
  • Gymnasts
  • Hikers & backpackers
  • Travelers

1oz Glass Bottle with Roll On Applicator

Traditional ingredients that are used externally for Muscle, Joint Pain, Swelling, Acute Injuries, Chronic Pain, Arthritis

Herbal Ice is a herbal muscle rub topical designed to quickly and easily stop pain, inflammation, and soreness on targeted areas of the body.

Herbal plasters, liniments, and oils were the most common application to maximize the healing benefits of the herbs. Herbal Ice uses organic, raw herbs which are ground into a fine powder and further extracted in sesame oil. Once extracted, the oil is filtered and then hemp is then added as the oil is cooling.


Turmeric strongly reduces inflammation and decreases swelling in acute and chronic pain.


Angelica root reduces swelling, generates tissue, alleviates pain, and expels pus.


Menthol has a local antinociceptive effect when applied topically can alleviate pain and give a cool, icy sensation. It can increase circulation and reduce swelling from sprains and relaxes muscles.


Magnesium Oil helps soothe tight muscle spasms.


Camphor has a local antinociceptive effect when applied topically can alleviate pain and give a cool, icy sensation. It can increase circulation and reduce swelling from sprains and relaxes muscles.


Cinnamon bark decreases arthritic pain and increases circulation.


Dandelion flower reduces swelling and nodules. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory, especially for the skin.


Gardenia flower reduces swelling from acute trauma and decreases bruising.


Ginger strongly increases circulation to reduce chronic swelling.


Licorice bark alleviates muscle spasms and is a strong anti-inflammatory because of its corticosteroid compounds.


Myrrh reduces swelling, pain, bruising, and promotes healing by generating tissue.


Phellodendron bark reduces heat, swelling, and pain


Rhubarb root helps decrease bruising and reduces acute and chronic swelling.


Sesame Oil helps moisturize the skin and helps deliver the herbs into the tissue.


Carthamus flower, or Safflower, reduces swelling with inflammation and alleviates pain.


Scutellaria root reduces heat and swelling on hot sores and has antimicrobial effects.


Colloidal Silver is a natural preservative and antimicrobial.

Frequently Asked Questions

A herbal muscle rub is a salve or oil that includes hemp and is used topically over areas of muscle or joints to reduce pain.

Muscle rubs can be used for several types of Musculo-skeletal pain including Low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, knee pain, elbow pain, sprained ankle, strained ankle, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, muscle spasm, baker’s cyst, ganglion cyst, IT band Syndrome, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, swelling, bruises, wrist pain, hand pain, plantar fasciitis, gout arthritis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Sacro-iliac pain, frozen shoulder.
The intense menthol quickly activates within 5-10 minutes. Depending on the ailment, you can use 2-3 times a day.
Typically, one feels a cooling sensation as the herbs work on the nerve receptors that signal cold sensations however the increased microcirculation can also make it feel warm.

Herbal Ice is not intended to treat or cure any diseases.

Many of the ingredients in Herbal Ice have been used for hundreds of years for pain and are currently being studied in how they work to reduce pain like anti-inflammatories.

No, Herbal Ice is meant to be left on, uncovered for 20 minutes to allow absorption into the skin and muscle.

Yes, free shipping within the USA.

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