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Our Hemp Muscle Rub

Herbal Ice Hemp Muscle Rub combines hemp and traditional Chinese herbs used externally for Muscle, Joint Pain, Swelling, Acute Injuries, Chronic Pain, Arthritis.

My patients love when I use it on their neck and back. Dr. Burton's Herbal Ice has been a complete game changer!
DR. Gino Pacino
All Skin Types

Our hemp muscle rub works perfectly for any skin type.

Pure Organic

We use only the highest-quality ingredients in our products.

Natural Care

Get natural relief for aches and pains - limit reliance on OTC drugs.

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What People Say

I am a natural skeptic, and have not been impressed by the hemp products out there. Then I tried Dr. Burton's formula and was blown away by it. It works quickly and is so effective for aches and pains I get from my weight training regimen.
Dr. Naito
I use Dr. Burton's Herbal Ice on my patients to ease their achy joints and inflamed tissues. It is a natural healing remedy that supports my therapy interventions without the need for opioids. Now my patients can use it at home too!
Dr. Melinda Bryan

Hi! Dr Kyle here...

I wanted to take a second to welcome you to Herbal Ice. Working in patient care in Hollywood, CA made me realize how much misinformation exists in pain management.

Herbal Ice is my passion project that fuses Traditional Chinese Medicine into our product line to provide complementary therapy for our clients

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